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Website and Submission Disclamer


Please be aware that any submission, offer or correspondence in or through this website does not constitute an offer, acceptance or any consummation of a legal relationship. This information submitted on this website will not be considered confidential or privileged and Metric Models is under no obligation to keep your submitted information confidential.




• Cancellation policy: On regularly scheduled fittings; within 24 hours working days, half fee (1 hour minimum)

• Cancellation policy: On Design Meetings, Proto Reviews or any other fittings 4 hours or over; within 48 hours working days, half fee. Within 24 hours, full fee. 

• Cancellation policy: A recurring weekly hold will be considered a confirmed booking unless notified of cancellation/schedule change 24 hours in advance.  

• On bookings with a confirmed scheduled time: You will be billed for the total time booked, regardless of time used. 

• Lingerie/Swim rate: apply for swimwear, bras, panties, slips, pantyhose, jockey and boxer shorts, sleepwear, transparent or translucent articles; agency must check with model before accepting any lingerie/swim bookings. 

• Overtime rates: time-and-a-half apply after 8 hours

• Lunch: It is our policy to bill for lunch breaks unless agreed to in advance (48 hours notice required)

• Non-Solicitation: Client is not to solicit Talent, refer Talent to a third party or future employ Talent directly that Client was introduced to, associated with or booked through by Metric, whatsoever.  Nor should you induce talent to terminate or breach an employment, contractual or other relationship with Metric Models.

• Agency is not responsible if the model fails to attend the booking. While a replacement will be offered, the client is advised to insure against any loss which might result if the model does not keep a booking because of ill health or some other reason.

• Agency shall not be liable for any loss suffered by Client. 

• Agency: 20% agency service charge will be applied to billings. A 2% finance charge will be applied to billing unpaid within 30 days.        

• Client Responsibilities:     

1. Disclosure of extraordinary conditions or requirements.

2. Provide adequate dressing facilities on all bookings.

3. Provide a thirty (30) minute lunch or meal break for fittings over 5 hours. Provide a 5-10 minute rest break for every 3 hours worked.

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